1. Becoming a Crypto Mining Rig Affiliate is free, and you may refer people to purchase mining rigs from us and get rewarded for this.
  2. Rewards may take the form of monetary rewards dispersed to your chosen account, either via PayPal or Stripe.
  3. Rewards may also take the form of money off your own purchases of mining rigs from us.
  4. This affiliate scheme is brand new, and new terms of service will be updated from time to time. By agreeing to these conditions you are in effect agreeing that we may at any time and for any reason change the way the affiliate program works. This may take the form of changing the methodology of referrals, rewards received, ways you can refer and indeed anything else we may think of.
  5. That being said, this scheme is designed to help you share in our success and spread the word about the fantastic opportunity that our generation has of creating passive income through mining. With that been said, go forth and spread the word 🙂

Affiliate Ranks

There are currently two ranks of affiliates, Basic and Premium.

Basic Affiliate

Each new affiliate begins at the basic rank which pays a reward of 5% of the value of a purchase excluding any applicable tax, shipping or surcharges.

After 5 successful referrals, your rank is automatically increased to a premium affiliate and you unlock even more rewards.

Premium Affiliate

After 5 unique successful verified referrals, you unlock higher rates of rewards at 7%. 

In addition, you also become eligible for lifetime rewards. Meaning if your referral continues to buy from us, you will continue to earn on all future purchases as they build up their mining farm. Lifetime commissions are payable at a reduced rate of 3%.

Methods of Referrals

Golden Rule: Do not try to self refer! Or circumvent this rule by creating multiple accounts.

Other than that, we want to be quite open with the rules around how you can and can’t refer people to our site. Put simply, just don’t do anything that would reflect badly on us and treat people with kindness and other than that anything goes.

We may amend this section later if things get out of hand. Below are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Provide your referral link to family and friends
  2. Post your referral link on Social Media
  3. If you operate a website, YouTube Channel or you are an influencer on any other platform, promote your referral link via those channels
  4. Write articles, or amend existing articles to contain our referral links to capture organic traffic

If you have a great idea for reaching a lot of people and you need our assistance then please do reach out and let us know.