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You'll receive your rigs in under 10 days in 95% of cases, due to our on-hand stock of GPU's. Full support to get you mining immediately.

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I purchased 1 rig initially from Cryto Mining Rigs, but almost immediately came back for more. The support I received was fantastic!

The closed rig type means I don't have to worry about my dog disrupting my passive income. Got 3 and planning to buy more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your invested return starts from day one when you plug in. Many of our clients see a positive return on investment within 10 months on average. However, this has at times been as fast as 6 months when we eperience market booms.

As I’m sure you’ve seen before, the price of crypto can go up as well as down, and this fluctuation does effect profitability. However, we show you how you can disperse your earnings. The choice is yours whether you keep it as cyrpto, transfer it into other coins or withdraw it direct to your bank account.

Yes, absolutely! It’s the main reason why crypto currency mining rigs are such a good investment. They are always on and constantly turn electricity into money at a vastly superior rate of return. Who doesn’t want to own their very own money printer!?

Many of our clients buy from us regularly with the earnings from previous months. That’s your investments paying for more investments, sweet!

And, a one of our of clients actually put 7 rigs into a property they own! Thier mining rigs are their best tenants yet, never complaining, not breaking or wearing down the fixtures and fittings and paying of the mortage at three times the rate!

Short answer: A license to print money

Long answer: Your mining rigs connect to the blockchain (the log of all crypto transactions that floats around on the internet). Once connected it validates transactions and lends it’s computing power to maintaining the integrity of the blockchain. In doing so, you are frequently rewarded (just like real life mining where occasionally you strike gold).

The more rigs you have the bigger the reward.