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Plug & Play

Experience true plug & play crypto currency mining.

Zero Exprience Required

We guide you through e-wallet setup, linking your rigs and how to cashout your earnings.

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We build your rig to order and we can courier it to you, arrange for you to collect from our base or deliver to your door!

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As simple as opening an app and watching your rig go to work.

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Our FREE guide comes with an explainer video that will run you through a forecast of the profit our rigs can generate.*

Our Crypto Mining Winners

I've got the 10 rigs all setup in my outhouse and it was as easy as putting in the flash drives and turning them on. Pulling in an expected £92,000 per year!
10 x 2060s rigs
Thanks guys, you made it easy to get going. I keep on checking how they're doing on my phone. I love the feeling of waking up having made more than I will at work the next day.
6 x 1660s rigs + 3 2060s rigs
Money printer go brrrr!

Haha, thanks guys for all your help.
3 x 1660s Rigs

What Are You Waiting For?

*This video was based on the value of bitcoin on 19/09/21