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Crypto Mining Farm

Crypto Mining Farm

Suggested price: £320,000.00

Own your very own Crypto Mining Farm

Name your level of investment and we will work towards it to deliver you your very own crypto mining farm.


  • Crypto Mining Farm Feasibility Study & Business Planning
  • Location Scouting
  • On-site testing and modifications
  • Crypto Mining Rig Supply, Build & Configuration
  • Assistance in setting up Cryptocurrency wallets to receive funds
  • Ongoing maintenance and scale-up facilitation


Join the new rich and start stacking your crypto assets today!

Suggested price: £320,000.00

Suggested price: £320,000.00

Minimum price: £115,000.00


With the help of a UK based, VAT registered company that has a proven capacity to acquire, build, install and config a profitable cryptocurrency mining farm here in the UK!

We’ll handle everything from your supply chain, location scouting, build and configuration. We even offer ongoing support should you need it, to make your investment as hands-off as possible. Take as much or as little support as you require. In this, we become your mining farm, solution provider and use your investment level to extract the most cryptocurrency returns for you as possible.

What’s included?

  • Crypto mining farm planning and consultancy
  • Sourcing and purchasing
  • Building the rigs and configuring for optimal performance
  • Scouting for and negotiating a suitable location
  • Handling all modifications needed, such as electricity requirements, insurance, air-conditioning and security
  • Ongoing maintenance contracts available, price on application


Please note, that we will work with you to plan your mining farm investment to be inclusive of all other costs aside from the material supply, build and configuration of the mining rigs themselves. This is to ensure that you will not need to run any further lines of credit in instances where you are borrowing capital.

Payments made through the website constitute a deposit and will cover your first rig 1 (one) Excalibur model Mining Rig and our first consultation + mining farm feasibility study costs.

What happens after you make payment?

You can only make a payment of £29,000 via the website, however, please use the provided box to enter your expected investment level. This will aid us in immediately getting a picture as to the size and scale of your soon to be crypto mining farm. From there, we get to work building your first rig – this is included in the price you pay today and helps to get the ball rolling including for any onsite testing which we conduct. The Excalibur is the king of all mining rigs and often sits as the centrepiece of all mining farms along with its little brother, the super crypto mining rig Durendal.

Then, a mining farm consultation meeting will then be set up where we will discuss your requirements with you and conduct a full feasibility study before presenting you with a plan of how to best spend your investment (typically 14 days). Complete clarity on predicted costs will be given in advance, and it is important to note that during the consultation period any amount of mining rigs can be purchased, billable by direct invoice on net-zero terms.

We feel comfortable handling any investment level up to £1,000,000 – if you wish to invest more than 1 million, please do reach out to us directly to arrange a discussion prior to placing your first website order.


How much will your investment return?

Your current expected returns are circa £10,000 per month, for every £160,000 invested. Checked 5th September 2021, prices of crypto do fluctuate – it’s important to note that all payouts are in cryptocurrency. Conversion into your Fiat currency of choice is required to realise any returns. You are responsible for your own financial strategy, including payment of any applicable taxes.

Your choice of payments are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) – The old faithful, Bitcoin represent a massive opportunity to use the natural peaks in the volatile market cycle to sell BTC into Fiat GBP and realise massive capital gains.
  • Ethereum (Eth) *Note, the Ethereum network is due to transition into Eth 2.0 which will make mining Eth impossible after this date. It might be wise to mine as much Eth as possible prior to this date which is yet to be known.
  • Ravencoin (RVN) – Built on a similar Blockchain to Bitcoin, but remaining remarkably resistant to larger conglomerate farming. Ravencoin offers an opportunity to get large chunks of a coin which many experts believe will do great things in the future. Including Patrick Byrne, Founder and CEO of Overstock – Who has invested millions in RVN so far.
  • And many other coins such as Bitcoin Gold, Ergo and Ethereum Classic.


Who owns the crypto mining farm?

You do! We simply help you to bring the project to life.

Xune Ltd, registered in England & Wales, trading as Crypto Mining Rigs assumes the position of your solutions provider in this agreement and is responsible for bringing your project to life we do not provide any financial advice and suggest you take proper council for the payment of any applicable tax in synergy with the laws of your country. We reserve the right to place any number of our own rigs on your site, providing we pay our fair share portion of applicable energy costs. No part of making this purchase forms a partnership between our companies, except for the cooperation in the creation of your crypto mining farm.


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