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Supply Your Own GPU's - Professional Mining Rig Building

Supply Your Own GPU's - Professional Mining Rig Building


Supply your own GPU’s and we’ll professionally build, install, test and securely deliver your Crypto Mining Rig back to you, within 5 days of receipt of your GPU’s.

  • The easiest way to start mining cryptocurrency
  • Get paid out in Bitcoin
  • Professional mining setup for those who want to mine an alternative coin
  • Discounted Crypto Mining Rig Management Services to always keep your investment running at optimal conditions
  • Xune ltd, will not accept liability for cards that are sent to us via post. We advise you to take out an adequate level of insurance.
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Like the idea of mining but don’t want to invest in top tier Crypto Mining Rigs Rigs such as the king of all miners, Excalibur or his little brother Durendal? But too confused by all the talk of hashrates and algorithms to do it yourself? We’ll build your GPU haul into a supreme mining machine, with easy payouts you control made to you via secure Bitcoin payment!

Powerful fans keep your precious cards cool under the pressure of mining, and the sturdy metal frames provide the kind of protection from pets, children and accidents which open-air miners simply can’t deal with.

Our practised on-site installation team will deploy the leading mining software including all the miners, algorithms and wallet addresses needed to bring together the magic of mining your own cryptocurrency, which you can either store at home, or use our fully hosted, Crypto Mining Rig Hosting & Management Service.

Each and every build is guaranteed under warranty to mine for 3 months if hosted at home, and an unprecedented minimum of 2 years mining if hosted by us. Many of our rigs have been mining happily for over 4 years!

Fast and efficient turnaround time, gets you up and running in under 5 days from receipt of your GPU’s.

Your cards ideally should be brand new and the seals unbroken. Feel free to take a picture of the serial numbers prior to sending.

Xune ltd, will not accept liability for cards that are sent to us via post. We advise you to take out an adequate level of insurance.

In the event of us receiving any cards which do not work, your cards will be returned to you and you remain responsible for actioning the manufacturer’s warranty.

Additional information

Most Nvidia graphics cards accepted, including:

1660 supers, 2060 supers, 3060 LHR, 3060 Ti, 3070, 3070 LHR, 3080, 3080 LHR, 3090

Average Build Time

3 days for building, 2 days for testing, Completed rig shipped to you via courier, Or, securely hosted and maintained in one of our mining farms locations.

Occasionally, unavoidable disruptions in the supply chain may increase build time to up to 10 days. As you know, getting hold of materials that are Crypto Mining Rig grade is extremely difficult.

Support Levels Available

Free Ticket Support System – Max 2 days response time, Paid Remote Mining Rig Management, Fully Managed Hosting, we pay for your electricity


12-month warranty on all Crypto Mining Rig supplied equipment, No liability held for GPU's, and please note, mining is an activity that technically voids the warrant with most card manufacturers.

Install Type

Pre-Built, Built & Installed On Location

Planned Card Type

Up to 8 x 3070 or Lower, Up to 6 x 3080 or 3090, Up to 8 x 3080 or 3090


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